Motivation – 3 ways to keep your job search effective


runner doing orange laces upThe lockdown is already having a major impact not only on the economy but also on the wellbeing of individuals looking for work. If you are going through a redundancy process or are currently out of work, you may find it difficult to remain positive or unable to find the motivation when looking for your next career move.

Taking a committed and disciplined approach to the job search process will help to maintain focus and a positive mind set.  Here are 3 new habits you can adopt to keep motivated and make your job search even more effective.

Focus on routine

Set your alarm as you would when going to work and set aside a full working day during which you can work on your CV, write cover letters and application forms. Keeping a work-style routine will help you to get more done and make the adjustment that much easier when it’s time to return to the workplace once more. Plan your time effectively, if you feel more energised in the morning try and plan your job search around this time.

Create the right environment

Try to set up an office environment with minimal distractions and ensure you’re comfortable and alert. Make a home office with desk, chair and workstation to retain your focus for longer and start your morning with a good breakfast to help keep your energy levels high. Schedule in breaks and ensure you take time out for fresh air and a change of scenery.

Vary your approach

In an ever-changing job market, you have little control over what jobs will be available, so it is essential to adopt alternative methods to just job searching online. It is important to understand what you can influence and what you can't. There are many ways you can job search from looking online, talking to recruiters, utilising your network, increasing your LinkedIn visibility, to making proactive approaches.

Using a variety of methods will ensure you are maximising your chances of securing your next career move, but it will also help to maintain enthusiasm and motivation by keeping things varied.

Reward yourself

Set yourself small goals each day and treat yourself to a reward when you have achieved them. Whether you set yourself a goal to apply for five jobs, update your CV, reconnect with eight professionals in your network, identify key recruiters in your industry or post an article on LinkedIn. The work and reward process will help you to feel as though you’ve achieved something.

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