An Innovative Approach Built on 4 Key Principles

1. Keep it simple and personal

From award winning personal career coaching and cutting edge career transition technology to our contemporary on site group Workshops or employee wellbeing support, we have a wide range of services to build the right support for you and your employees.

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2. Practical makes perfect

We are specialist providers of Career Transition and Outplacement support and it’s this specialism which drives our effectiveness. With an advanced knowledge of the constantly evolving UK recruitment market, our Coaches can provide the insights and direction that your employees need to move on quickly after redundancy. We pride ourselves on providing practical, actionable support and guidance that gives your employees what they need in a modern job market.

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3. Always results focussed

We are focussed on delivering results, for the employees we support and the organisations we work with. We’re committed to providing you with strong reporting and analytics so you can demonstrate the ROI to the business and with over 82% of the people we support on our Professional Programmes moving back into work after a 90 day programme, you can be confident in our ability to deliver.

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4. More, for less

We work hard every day to provide highly effective support for your employees while still delivering exceptional value for the organisation. Our contemporary model enables us to keep costs down, passing the savings on to our clients, while enhancing the depth and quality of support provided to your employees – helping you support more people, for longer, for less.

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