reinventing retirement


New challenges requiring new solutions

With so many new challenges for employees and a growing impact for organisations, we believe that a new approach to pre-retirement support is needed that stretches beyond the confines of support that has previously been provided by employers.

Renovo’s Reinventing Retirement Programme is a new and unique offering that reflects the changing nature of pre-retirement planning. It enables your employees to address their career, wellbeing, lifestyle and financial planning more holistically than ever before, helping you transform the way you support your people as they begin to make plans for retirement.

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Reinventing Retirement can help you:

Support your employees to build a much clearer vision for their own retirement journey and achieve the transparency you need for effective succession planning
Promote healthy discussion around the key pillars of wellbeing for your older employees to help tackle the additional challenges they are facing
Increase the
engagement and productivity of your older
workers by empowering them to build meaningful late career and retirement goals
Retain key skills and knowledge for longer by
supporting employees to
think creatively about how they can manage a graduated path into retirement
Create brand ambassadors as your valued people transition into retirement feeling fully supported in their

What does Reinventing Retirement help employees with?

Preparing for Retirement
Helping them connect with their values and priorities
Thinking about the retirement journey that's right for them
Setting clear goals to help them achieve what they want
Encouraging them to engage with their financial planning
Helping them understand what they have vs what they need
Explaining how best to access specialist financial advice  
Enabling them to build a picture of the life they want
Reflecting on relationships, physical and mental health, leisure and travel
Considering the impact of home and physical environment
Supporting them to assess their career options
Visualising the balance they want in the later stages of their career
Offering practical, actionable support to help them execute their career plans

What does the support look like?

Personal Coaching
With specialist 1-2-1 support from their own Personal Coach, your employees will have the support and time they need to reflect and make informed choices about the life and career they want, whether that be pre or post retirement.

A 1-2-1 coaching approach gives you assurance that support can be tailored around the specific needs of each employee, all of whom will be on very different retirement journeys. Whether retirement is imminent or some distance away, you can be confident that a specialist coach will be on hand to provide your employees with the practical, tailored support they need to define their objectives and achieve their goals.
Reinventing Retirement Portal
The coaching will be supported by unlimited access to a wealth of content and resources in our bespoke Reinventing Retirement portal. Easy to access and simple to navigate, the portal provides your employees with information, guidance and useful tools to support their retirement planning.

Designed to stimulate their thinking and provide helpful signposting on a range of topics from health and lifestyle to work and finance, the Reinventing Retirement portal is there to complement and integrate with the support from their Personal Coach.

Why choose Reinventing Retirement?

Easy to set up and communicate to employees
Simply scale up and down as support is required
Avoid the administration and cost of poorly attended workshops
Flexible support built around the needs of your employees
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