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What is Outplacement Support?

Outplacement Support is provided by organisations to employees affected by redundancy, helping them to confidently navigate the job market and transition into new roles quickly and effectively. Outplacement Support ensures employees can focus positively on their next career step by providing expert advice and support, giving exiting employees direction in an increasingly complex and fast paced job market.

Outplacement is a well-established service in the UK, adopted by thousands of responsible organisations who recognise the importance of supporting employees as they leave the business. Historically, outplacement was predominantly focussed on those in senior positions but in a modern context, organisations now provide employees with Outplacement Support at all levels and grades.

Outplacement is now widely recognised as an integral part of the employee lifecycle, ensuring that employees leaving the organisation feel supported as they move onto the next phase of their career as brand advocates for the Employer.  When done well, Outplacement Support has the ability to impact organisational performance, create employment, generate wealth and ultimately change lives.

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Why do organisations provide Outplacement Support?

Employer Brand protection

Platforms such as Glassdoor and the prolific rise of social media, means that it is very easy for an organisation’s brand reputation to be damaged if they mismanage change processes. While redundancies are never easy to manage, providing valuable support to departing employees decreases the risk of reputational damage significantly.

Minimise Litigation

A former employee who remains out of work for an extended period can be a future problem for an organisation as frustration with their job search can result in them blaming their previous employer for their situation. Giving departing employees the opportunity to focus on positive next steps ensures they feel supported and means they are less likely to seek redress against the organisation.

Employee Engagement

When organisations manage change within their business, the impact is not just on those directly affected. Employees that remain within the organisation look carefully to see how the organisation has treated their colleagues and friends who have left. Organisations that can demonstrate that they have supported those employees are in a much better place to encourage and protect engagement and productivity of the remaining employees.

Effective Change Management

While the message of redundancy is always difficult, being able to communicate and deliver highly effective support to employees can help manage a smooth transition through Consultation periods and beyond.

How can Outplacement help my employees?

The modern job market is more competitive, fast paced and complex than ever.  Online job boards, video interviewing and the rise of social media are a small part of the ever-evolving environment which makes up a new and often unfamiliar job market.  Employees now need outplacement support that is more responsive, timely and personalised than before, delivered by experts who can provide flexible, results-focussed support.

Ultimately, great outplacement support is there to help employees move on quickly and effectively, helping with a broad range of areas including:

  • Establishing career priorities and assessing their options
  • Developing their own personal career plan
  • Revitalising their personal brand
  • Networking their way to success
  • Preparing for self-employment, interim or portfolio careers
  • Mastering the art of modern job searching
  • Creating great CVs that get them noticed
  • Transforming their interview performance
  • Harnessing the power of LinkedIn
  • Preparing for retirement of the ‘Third age’ of their careers
How is Outplacement delivered?

Outplacement Support has traditionally been delivered through face to face coaching or group workshops which have provided only short term support to departing employees. While these methods are still relevant in some circumstances, there is a growing demand from employees for more flexible access, using pioneering technology to enhance and support the one to one coaching. Through online resources as well as the ability to access support through Mobile Apps or video call, modern Outplacement enables employees to access crucial support when navigating the job market, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

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