Working with a Recruiter


finger picking our paper suitsTake the time to find the right recruiter for you and start to establish relationships with them. First impressions count so be positive and prepare for that first interaction.

A recruiter will have a pre-screen process they follow when meeting new candidates, so here are some things to consider.

Virtually meet the recruiter

This an opportunity for you to be able to convince them of the benefits you bring and the value that you can add to their clients. You need to make them believe in you so that they can sell you to their client. Whilst you may find you are unable to meet with them in person at this time, rather than a phone call or just a LinkedIn connection request, encourage a video call with them so you can start to build a rapport.

Prepare for the pre-screen  

Most recruiters will go through a pre-screen process. Treat this first interaction with a recruitment consultant as you would for any other interview - remembering that they will be ‘shortlisting’ you for specific and future roles. What you wear, how you interact and your attitude to the job market will form part of that first impression. If you are feeling negative or not in a positive mindset, you may want to consider the timing of when you reach out to recruiters.

Typical pre-screening questions they are likely to ask you include:

  • Briefly tell me about your career history
  • Talk me through your CV including successes and reasons for leaving
  • What are your key areas of expertise that you can offer an employer?
  • What are you looking for in terms of a) role, b) sector, c) type of company, d) location and e) Salary?
  • What are your career aspirations?

Having a good discussion about your achievements, your background and talking them through your CV will enable them to work with you and find that next career move for you.

Build and maintain your relationships

Recruiter relations take time, so it isn’t something you will establish overnight. A common mistake when dealing with Recruitment Consultants is to come across differently than you would do if you were dealing with an employer directly. You must treat them professionally and come across enthusiastically in all communications with them.  You want them to recommend you to their clients, so you need to build a good working relationship with them.

Stay in touch, connect with them on LinkedIn and ‘Like’ or comment on their social media platforms. You want to find ways that recruiters remember for you when they are making their next hire.

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