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linkedin updates 2023LinkedIn is the number one social media platform designed for professional networking and job searching. It has become an essential tool for job seekers looking to advance their careers. As LinkedIn continues to grow and develop its online offering, here are a few recent updates to be aware of and to look forward to.

Please note, LinkedIn gradually rolls out updates so these examples may include features you have had access to for some time, or something you will expect to see soon.

Scheduling Posts

This has been gradually rolled out over the past 6 months, so for some it may not feel like a new feature. You can create posts and schedule them to go live at a later time. This is ideal for anyone looking to increase their online visibility and generate more views to their profile. When exiting an organisation, why not schedule a Farewell Message post -it can inform your network you are seeking your next career move, but most importantly, announce to your LinkedIn network that you are available for opportunities. You can create this post in advance and schedule to share with your network at a time that works for you. Don’t forget to put ‘Creator’ mode on so you can look at your LinkedIn Analytics and see who is looking at your posts.

For more information click here Scheduling posts

Celebrate an Occasion

Another way to engage with your network and increase your online visibility is by ‘Celebrating an Occasion’. You can celebrate your various wins, from celebrating completing a new certification, to starting a new position.  The recognition or celebration is displayed as an update on your feed and profile. Posting a new role update on LinkedIn is the perfect opportunities to let your network know you have secured a new role and encourage your new co-workers to connect with you. You will often find your connections will post positive comments on your post which can demonstrate credibility, and this appears on your connections home feed too. It will create a positive first impression during your onboarding programme.

Don’t forget to look out for your connections’ celebrations too. If they are celebrating a work anniversary or starting a new project, comment on their posts. This is classed as ‘light touch’ networking but is a good way to stay connected and to deepen professional relationships.

For more information click here Celebrate an Occasion

Signal interest in working for a company

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that allows you to privately express an interest in working for a company without applying or adding the #opentowork frame to your profile. Even if there are no open roles at the company you can let them know you are interest by using the ‘I’m interested’ button. Once you signal that you’re interested, recruiters at the company will be able to view your profile when searching for interested candidates.  This is ideal if you are speculatively approaching companies of interest or if you want to increase your visibility in your industry or sector.

For more information click here Signal interest in working for a company.

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

Another way to increase your LinkedIn visibility is to comment on Collaborative Articles. These articles begin as AI-powered conversation starters, developed by the LinkedIn editorial team and allows members to react and comment at the bottom of the article. You can search for skill-related keywords on LinkedIn and select the relevant skills page. You’ll find Collaborative Articles under the ‘Posts’ section of the skill page. You can also find them in your feed and notifications when people in your network make contributions, or when a new article is published to the skills pages you follow. Make sure you add relevant skills to the skills section of your profile and demonstrate your knowledge and credibility by joining these discussions.

For more information click here LinkedIn Collaborative Articles.

One to look out for in the near future…Personalised Job Collections

LinkedIn is currently testing Personalized Job Collections, that users can use without conducting a job search.  The Personalized Job Collections feature provides categories such as ‘Imagine yourself in a new location’, or ‘Discover your next role with a start up’ and with a single click users can find jobs that match that category. The premise behind this feature is that people are more casually looking into job opportunities that fit better with their values and interests such as upskilling, professional progression, and work-life balance. At the time of writing this article, this feature hasn’t launched but it's one to keep an eye out for.

For more information click here  to read an article on this feature by Tomer Cohen.

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