Using job apps effectively


group youths on smartphonesThere are thousands of apps designed to run on today's smartphones and tablets. Some apps can be downloaded for free, while others must be purchased from an app store. This in turn has seen the increase of apps in today’s Job Market for advertising and applying for roles.

This article will provide an overview of the 5 commonly used job apps, and top tips when using apps as part of your job search.

Job apps

Job apps are no longer just a mobile friendly version of a website, some of the most popular apps are matching you to opportunities by personality type before you have uploaded your experience. They can be a really useful way to diversify your applications and some even put you in direct contact with the hiring manager.

5 of the most popular UK job search apps available on IOS and Android

Indeed - This app distils the desktop version, you can store a bank of CVs on your mobile so can apply on the go. Indeed allows you to upload more than one CV so you can ensure you have several tailored CVs uploaded ready for different opportunities.

Glassdoor Jobs - The main functions include salary and company reviews. You can search for positions by job title and there is the option for easy apply.

Monster - Your location can be used as the main filter on this job app. By using either the location setting on your phone or selecting a location, you will receive push notifications when opportunities match. You can also upload your CV. If you do not have a CV, you can just build a profile with your details and receive a message straight from Monster Support which you can text. You do need to be mindful that if you swipe right you apply for the job on display.

Jobs Today - This app will also use your location to get push notifications. There is a chat function, so the hirer can text you directly and it will also inform you when they were last online. It lets you know what the employer is looking for, and you can build a profile to apply. There is a guaranteed response within 24 hours guaranteed for all job applications.

Good.Co - Focusses on personality tests to match you to the company culture. If company values and culture are important to you, it may be a useful app for you to install. You can also import your information from social media sites to build the profile using Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

Using job apps effectively
  • Building your app profile - once you have downloaded the app it will ask you to upload a CV or to build a profile including setting your location - it may also ask to access through your phone. If the apps use push notifications they will alert you to vacancies within your set location.
  • Social media sign in is offered by several of the apps, but be mindful of linking your personal social media with your professional app. You can set up a profile or sign in with Google as an alternative.
  • Customise your CV to sit on a smartphone screen. Ensure you use a clear format with white space so your experience is easy to identify.  Take advantage of apps that allow you to upload more than one CV so you can tailor to the opportunities available as it is quick and convenient to swipe to apply it means a tailored CV will stand out against the completion.
  • Think about your keywords - the apps use algorithms so ensure you are visiting your online profiles and the information is current and focussed to the opportunities you are interested in.
  • It’s easy to swipe to apply for roles and with the availability of different platforms, so it is more important than ever to keep track of what you are applying to and where if the employer receives your CV from.

Applying for roles is evolving, and with apps developing daily it is another opportunity to revisit the information you have. Therefore, ensure your CV is tailored and relevant, your LinkedIn profile aligns to the same brand, and your app profiles are relevant, so whichever channel you are discovered through, the information is consistent.

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