Using creativity and innovation in your job search


lightbulbs on orange backgroundThe skill and ability to innovate and be creative is now critical to a job search more than ever. From demonstrating innovation through achievements in your CV or taking on a more proactive approach to your job search, this article explains 3 ways you can use creativity and innovation in your job search.


Your CV is the perfect place to demonstrate creativity through outcome-focussed achievements. Think about specific examples of when you have taken a proactive approach to making improvements; perhaps you’ve shown initiative in creating and implementing a new way of doing things? Innovation in its modern meaning is "a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method" (Merriam Webster).

Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Therefore make sure to focus on the value your previous organisation gained from your creative ideas, sharing quantifiable results where possible. If the organisation enjoyed improved efficiency, reduced costs or enhanced engagement as a result from your innovative ideas, make sure you share this in your CV.

Speculative Approaches

Speculatively approaching organisations and being visible in your network are great ways to showcase creativity. This approach demonstrates innovation as you proactively seek a different route to secure your next career move. Rather than reactively looking online for your next role, take the opportunity to take control over your search.

Individuals and organisations are under an immense amount of pressure so if you are going to take the brave step to approach an organisation, be clear and make sure you highlight what you can offer an organisation. Consider what is in it for them? Where is the synergy in your experiences and their current pain points? Offer strong hooks which you can expand on in a follow up call. Business leaders are more open to speculative approaches as they want to hear what solutions you can offer their business.


Take the time to connect and follow up with people simply to check they are ok. You can rebrand this as ‘having conversations’ so it feels more natural and removes the pressure of this corporate term which can leave people feeling nervous. Connect with people, learn about immediate pressures and experiences. If you feel you can offer solutions or suggestions to support them, share your own experience. Ask for advice and guidance - people help people!

If you cannot find the answer in your immediate network, seek out virtual networking opportunities. Platforms such as and are known for hosting virtual events. In the current climate there has been a significant increase in these virtual events, they are a perfect opportunity to extend your network and talk to other professionals with similar professional interests, which in turn can lead to opportunities.

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