Making the most of summer networking


sunglasses lenses are orangesThe summer is here and the sunshine has arrived but that doesn’t mean your job search has to be put on ice! We’ve put together some tips on how to use summer networking to maximise your opportunities and get you one step closer to your next role!


Who doesn’t love a social gathering when the weather’s hot and the barbecue’s lit – but are you maximising your summer social calendar? Mix and mingle with new people and extend your network. When you invite your friends over for a gathering, why not extend the invite? Think about new people they could bring along that you want to be introduced to. Take the time to get know your new acquaintances and make the most of every potential opportunity. Try and go to as many social events to extend your summer networking further. Think about what is going on locally around you; fetes, sporting events, and village fayres - you never know who you might bump into.

School’s out

The children are now on school holidays and the parents you dash past on schooldays may have more time now that everyone is in less of a hurry. Ask yourself - how well do you know those other parents? Use the summer holidays to get to know them. They could play a useful role in your job search; what do they do, where do they work, how can they help you? Organise a play date or meet up at the park, and take the time to talk when you have more time and are not busy getting the children to school on time.

Using holiday clubs? Not a problem; new environments + new parents = new opportunities. Who doesn’t love a kids party? Whilst you may feel they take over your social calendar, turn them to your advantage. As the children are passing the parcel don’t forget to exchange your contact information with other parents and keep in touch with them on LinkedIn.


With social media now making it easy to stay in touch, ask yourself is now the time to declutter your online connections and start making new ones? Out of those 500+ connections you have on LinkedIn, are there any former colleagues and school friends who can you arrange to meet up with? Maybe have a coffee and catch up and see how could they help you?

Plan what you want to say

Build an elevator pitch and think about how you can get the most out of your meetings and gatherings. Take the time to think about where you are going and who you are going to be talking to, The more you think about this the greater awareness you will have of what you want to say. Prepare for these opportunities like you would an interview. Opportunities are attached to people. If you believe in yourself, others will too. People like positive people - if you appear unhappy, frustrated and negative it’s unlikely they will want to help you.

Reconnect with recruiters

Recruiters are going to be quieter if decision makers aren’t available, giving them more time to arrange meetings with YOU! Take the time now to go and meet with them so it’s YOU they call when that next contract comes in.

Not sure what to do next? Interim work could be a short term fix whilst you re-evaluate. There may be less people applying for positions with holidays taking place so it will far less competitive.
A client of mine said recently she always used the summer to re-evaluate the business’s needs with the view to start hiring in the autumn. So use this time to get yourself not only relaxed and refreshed but READY for that new career!

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