Relieving the unemployed: finding the resource to help those in need


man pointing to search barWhen a person unexpectedly loses their job and is not offered the help they need by a previous employer during this difficult time, charities dedicated to helping people in their situation are greatly appreciated. Charities created to offer relief to the unemployed not only help those going through redundancy, but those who have struggled to ever find employment, and whose lives and well-being are suffering as a consequence. There are a number of charities that provide necessary support in virtually every form, including supplying both food and drink to those in financial difficulty or group counselling to those who are unable to cope emotionally with their situation. However, many of these charities are unable to provide everything those in such situations need. More often than not, a charity can offer a person the immediate help they need, but do not have the resources to help them plan for their future or find their way back onto the career ladder, which is where outplacement services come in.

Outplacement services can provide programmes to those in need that help them to not only make future career plans, but also to put those plans into action. Take a look at the benefits your charity could offer unemployed individuals, with the help of an outplacement service…

Develop valuable skills

An outplacement service such as Renovo’s will offer each individual a personal career coach to help them work towards finding new employment. The personal career coach will first get to know them before identifying important skills that they may have or lack and helping them to develop them. Individuals may need help perfecting their technique during an interview or tackling those dreaded nerves. In this case, a personal career coach will spend time with them, either over the phone or via Skype, practicing questions and answers that are likely to be covered in a standard interview.

Create a standout CV

When it comes to gaining a job interview, it is likely that a person will need to first make a good impression with their CV. A career coach can help to create an attractive, tailored CV, as well as learning how fill out application forms effectively. Many who have been made redundant may have been in employment for some time previous to losing their redundancy, so their CVs may be outdated and need improving. Others, who may have not been employed before, might not be aware of what should be included on a CV, so it is important that your charity can provide a service that can help them with this.

Gain access to the job market

As a charity open to all walks of life, you are bound come across a variety of individuals seeking a wide range of jobs. While you might be able to recommend certain general places to search for jobs, an outplacement service can offer access to the hidden job market through effective networking. The team at Renovo are experienced in their field and have collected a long list of helpful contacts along the way that they are willing to share with those seeking employment. They can encourage meetings and phone calls, and educate individuals on how to network successfully when job hunting.

24/7 e-learning

We understand that sometimes people need to be left to their own devices after being shown the way, which is why at Renovo we also offer comprehensive e-learning where each individual is given access to an online portal where they can study and progress at their own pace. The e-learning programme provides the tools needed to build a CV and enables the user to participate in workshops, search job boards and track and manage their applications. A virtual ‘workfriend’ helps to guide them through the programme, allowing them to skip or spend more time on certain areas.

There’s no denying the importance of what certain charities can offer the unemployed, helping to relieve them during what can be such a stressful time and an outplacement service can simply add to the resources they can offer them. If you are involved in a charity that would like to be able to offer people the additional help they need to re-enter the world of employment, contact a member of the team, today.

Renovo is one of the UK’s leading providers of outplacement and career transition support. We work with both organisations and individuals to support all their career transition requirements. If you would like to understand how Renovo can help you please call 0800 612 2011 or email

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