Recruitment trends to watch out for in 2019


man leaping to 2019In order to hire the right candidate and attract talent, it is important for an organisation to employ modern hiring methods. Today’s job market is frequently changing and requires a proactive approach from both the recruiter and the candidate. Being familiar with emerging recruitment trends and understanding how you adapt to them will allow you to stand out in a competitive market.

Here are some predictions for recruitment trends in 2019:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems - The use of application tracking systems will continue to form a basis of the initial selection criteria due to time restraints and resources available in recruitment. As a job seeker you will need to include key words throughout your CV to increase your presence in search results.
  • Brand Management - Functions like LinkedIn’s ‘Easy Apply’ means your profile will act as a CV. Having consistency across your platforms and the way you brand yourself across social media platforms will continue to form part of the recruitment process.
  • Video CVs - Organisations are also placing more importance on soft skills, therefore a Video CV can demonstrate a more accurate first impression. When recording your Video CV the first 30 seconds are the most important; if you fail to gain attention immediately the viewer may lose interest.
Online Job searching
  • Mobile Platforms - Nearly 90% of jobseekers use mobile platforms during their search. In 2019 there may be more of a focus for organisations to allow candidates to easily interact on mobiles through messaging platforms including WhatsApp. Whilst these interactions may feel less formal, first impressions count. Ensure you remain professional and use formal language when communicating with recruiters and employers.
  • Google Job Board – Google controls the gateway to the internet and launched its job hunting service in July 2018. It is thought that this service will continue to develop with Reed, Guardian jobs, total jobs and LinkedIn already providing listings on this platform they are also partnered with smaller specialist platforms. Keep track of your job search activity using a spreadsheet to stay on top of all online applications.
  • Talent Management – Talent acquisition leaders say there is a predicted 56% volume increase as we move into next year meaning the reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) will increase. As AI speeds the process up, this also supports the organisation not losing talent to competitors.
  • ‘Gig Economy’ and Portfolio Careers’ - more workers are moving into freelance positions which impacts the job market and also changes employee expectations. Many employees surveyed said they would pursue contract work if given the opportunity. For external opportunities, register with recruitment agencies who specialise in both interim and contract opportunities.
  • SKYPE & Video Interviews – These interview types have become more popular and are able to demonstrate an accurate first impression. Some key sectors using Skype and Video interviews include Investment banking, IT, Retail, and Student Employers. To conduct practice sessions and watch demos, set up a free account using the interviews4 platform.
  • Gamification – Recent years have seen an increase in Gamification used in recruitment processes, covering industry challenges, company related quests, and behavioural quizzes. Gamification personalises the whole recruitment process and sometimes encourages you to engage with the company by playing within a simulated work environment. Recruiters can also check your aptitude, creative thinking and problem solving capabilities.
  • Virtual Reality – As an extension of Gamification, organisations are beginning to use virtual reality platforms for their hiring needs. Virtual reality allows the employer the opportunity to see how the candidate reacts in practical settings, making decisions and risk taking. Whilst it’s hard to prepare for these types of interviews, understanding the reason behind this recruitment style will ensure you approach them with the right mind set.

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