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man online networkingThe recent announcements regarding rules against gatherings and travel restrictions has meant that networking as we know it, is something of a distant memory.  We often associate networking with trade events, coffee chats, exhibitions, and conferences. However, with an increase in remote working and with the banning of large groups, the opportunity to network face to face (for now) is no longer on the agenda. With this is mind, networking online via social media platforms, emails and virtual events is more important than ever before and is a vital skill in a competitive job market.

Build and engage with your network

Embrace the opportunity to build your professional network on LinkedIn. Online networking can help you connect with people you may not have had the opportunity to meet in ‘normal’ circumstances. Reignite dormant connections and engage your online network so it is working for you and serving its purpose.

Existing Connection Engagement Example


I hope you are safe and well during these challenging times.  I think the pandemic will make us all take stock and re-evaluate our lives. I am also taking the time to reflect and consider my next career move after recently completing 11 successful years at (name of company) Having worked with me previously at (name of company) I am reaching out to explore any advice or guidance you could provide as I am now exploring opportunities on a temporary or permanent basis.

Personalise invitation requests

When inviting new members to connect on LinkedIn, you can message the recipient to introduce yourself. The more active you are in engaging your network and customising your messages the more likely they will connect and engage with you. Personalised messages lead to a much higher acceptance rate. Invitation messages are limited to 300 characters, therefore, it’s important that you are concise and clear about why you are making contact. It is not necessary to provide lots of detail about yourself as the recipient can always click into your profile to gain more information.

Example Connection Request


I noticed that you are a specialist recruiter in the HR industry and have worked with several companies that I admire. I am a CIPD Qualified HR Manager with extensive experience in the retail sector. It would be great to connect with you and understand more about the temporary and permanent opportunities you are currently recruiting for.

Build long term relationships

Once the recipient connects with you it is important to reply to their connection acceptance, this will form the basis of the relationship you are starting to build. Think about helping or introducing them to someone in your network. Whether you are re-connecting or reaching out to a new connection, have realistic expectations. Try not to take it personally if you don’t get the response you want. Be sensitive and patient and manage your expectations.

Successful networking is about interacting and building meaningful connections and relationships. When you have connections in place on LinkedIn, use networking as a pro-active job search, technique as it is a great way to not only source opportunities but to keep up to date with market trend. Additionally, it ensures you are noticeable in a competitive market and helps introduce you to clients, customers and employers.

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