Successfully starting a new role remotely


new job remotelyCongratulations! You aced the interview and have landed yourself your next career move. With more companies adopting hybrid working models, you may find you start your new role remotely. Before you start, it is essential you have a plan in place to successfully integrate into your new job.

Here are 3 key considerations for new job success when starting a new role remotely.

Organise your workspace

Starting a new job in a remote or hybrid environment presents different challenges, unlike office environments you may be responsible for setting up and installing your virtual workspace. Preparing ahead of time will ensure you create a functional and productive working environment ahead of your first day.

  • Create a designated and comfortable workspace in advance of your start date. If you can, separate your workspace from your personal space which is vital for productivity and wellbeing.
  • Set up your laptop, phone and any other devices you are sent by HR ahead of your start date. Understand other systems used and install all necessary tools.
  • Check you have all the information and resources you need before you start such as login details, new email accounts, training documents, processes and policies so you are good to go from day one.
Plan your first few weeks

The first few weeks in your new role is very important and should be focussed on learning as much about the organisation as possible. Reflect on the knowledge you have acquired from your interview and start to plan what you want to learn and achieve in your first few weeks.

  • Refamiliarise yourself with the job description, your strengths and how they will add value to the role.
  • Identify any skills gaps or additional support you may require and the steps you will take to approach this.
  • Research the company's mission, values and strategy to fully understand how your role fits into the organisation’s objectives.
  • Search for key stakeholders on LinkedIn to understand more about their roles and the interactions you are likely to have with them.
Build strong relationships

Getting to know your colleagues and key stakeholders is an important part of starting any new job. However, with the rise of hybrid and remote working, you may find initial interactions may take place remotely.

  • Get to know your team members and understand more about their roles. Maintain regular communication by hosting virtual meetings and casual coffee chats.
  • Be punctual and plan your time effectively. Arrive early for virtual meetings to reduce any technical issues and prevent being late. If there are opportunities to meet new colleagues in person, plan to be in the office on similar days to strengthen relationships.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Show enthusiasm and make sure you ask clarifying questions so you can understand what is expected of you.
  • Schedule regular meetings with your manager so you can manage expectations and ask questions. Ask for feedback to support your own development.

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