How to make your CV stand out – without stretching the truth


oranges one cut in halfA recent study has suggested that six out of ten candidates stretch the truth on their CVs. With the job market remaining stubbornly competitive despite the gradual economic recovery, jobseekers are willing to bend the truth to to help their CV stand out to give themselves a better chance in the job market.

An article published by HRGrapevine shows that latest research found as many as 63% of applicants provided deliberately incorrect information to their prospective employers, including previous employment and education details. This percentage is 12% higher than a similar survey carried out over the same period last year.

There’s no need to distort the truth on your CV. If you land the job, your new employer may eventually find out flaws in the CV. Naturally, this could lead to disciplinary action or possible dismissal, which may result in a poor reputation in the job market and a negative track record with your employment history.

Making it easy for potential employers to champion you

Instead, applicants should make their CV stand out by focusing on articulating the value they have brought to previous employers. Show evidence of your skills and responsibilities using specific examples and quantifiable results wherever possible. By ensuring you present your achievements through strong, tangible and clearly articulated statements, you’ll be able to emphasise your worth and stand out above other candidates.

Often, recruiters and employers will use particular language and key words when creating a job advert. By focusing on what skills or traits are highlighted and what phrases they use, you’ll be able to tailor your CV to the role, making you more likely to stand out above other candidates. Additionally, by ensuring these are included on your digital profiles – such as on LinkedIn – you’ll also be more likely to be found by anyone searching for potential candidates using these key terms and phrases, as well as demonstrating to prospective employers that your professional CV paints an accurate picture of who you really are.

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