3 LinkedIn features every job seeker should know about


LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections. Not only is your profile the first professional impression of you when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates, but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your achievements. However, aside from using LinkedIn to showcase your profile, many people still underestimate the value of using LinkedIn in their job search and are sometimes unaware of the additional features and benefits. Here are 3 ‘less known’ features to help leverage LinkedIn for maximum efficiency and successfully boost your job search productivity.

Identify leads and showcase companies going through a recruitment drive

LinkedIn is great function for searching companies and is an effective resource for researching companies that are hiring or going through a period of growth. The search function has recently been improved with a ‘Job Listings on LinkedIn’ filter located under the ‘Advanced Search’ function. Now you can search for companies not only by attributes such as location, industry, and size, but also by which companies have advertised roles. You can filter your company search to include companies that are currently hiring AND where you have a direct connection.

Subscribe to another member’s content with the ‘Bell’ feature

As you grow your LinkedIn network, your newsfeed will also expand. To ensure you don’t miss out on posts, you can now subscribe to the content posted by a member you follow or are connected to. When you subscribe to a member’s content, you’ll receive a notification when that member posts any new content. This allows you to never miss the latest posts from your favourite content creators. Make sure you ‘Follow’ or ‘Connect’ with that member first.

Conducting a Boolean search on LinkedIn content and posts

Recruitment Consultants source candidates by conducting searches in their own internal database, incoming applications, and the use of job boards. Occasionally, Recruiters may choose to save time and money, source passive candidates and advertise roles by posting roles they are recruiting for onto a LinkedIn post, sometimes, before advertising on an online job board.

By conducting a simple Boolean search using keywords such as ‘“we are hiring” OR “we are recruiting” “recruiting” AND “job title” AND “location”’, you can see all recruitment consultants’ posts, despite not being a first degree connection. Conducting these searches can help job seekers get ahead of the competition and have discussions about roles way before they reach the online job boards.

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