Adding some sparkle to your job search at Christmas


woman and christmas treeAs we move into the month of December it is very common among job seekers to wind down their job search with a view to picking it up again in the New Year. However, employers and recruiters will be searching for temporary and permanent candidates during the festive period so it’s important to be proactive in your job search.

Here are 6 top tips to add some sparkle to your job search this Christmas.

Less competition

With more job seekers ‘freezing’ their job search, this could mean there’s a reduction in the number of candidates applying for each role. If there is less competition you may find recruiters or HR teams are proactively using these job boards ahead of the New Year and are keen to speak with new talent. Apply now, there could be less competition!

Follow up

Employers or recruiters could be experiencing a quieter period themselves, therefore, they may be more open to telephone calls or meetings to discuss potential opportunities. Take advantage of the festive spirit and talk to key contacts now by following up on your applications and showcasing your personality.

Temporary contracts

Christmas means time off but not every company will shut down. There may be additional interim or temporary recruitment needs roles to fill. Recruiters need job seekers at short notice, so if you are available for both interim and permanent contracts, identify recruiters in your geographical locations and talk to them today.

Get social

Christmas brings parties and social gatherings so there may be an opportunity for you to network and practise your elevator pitch or your interview technique. If you haven’t created an elevator pitch, now is the time to think about what your USPs are and why should they hire you?

Be visible

Online job boards are still going to be available to use over the Christmas season, so ensure your CV is uploaded to job boards and you have registered for email alerts. A more complete profile will increase your visibility. Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and ask for recommendations on LinkedIn. This will provide additional credibility to your LinkedIn profile and could set you apart from other candidates.

Money to spend

Finally, companies will be reviewing their end of year budget, so if there’s money left in the pot they may look to hire now before their budget runs out. Certain companies will also be given a budget for temporary staff over the festive season.

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