Identifying job opportunities without using the internet


newspaper with magnifying glassThe internet is a great resource for job seekers, however, it isn’t the only way you will find your next role. There are alternative methods to help find potential job opportunities to keep your job search varied, which will in turn keep you motivated when seeking your next career move.

Talking to people and using your network

Networking is one of the most underused tools of job searching, but is actually one of the most productive and effective ways of finding a job. Networking is the proactive process of using relationships and contacts that you already have to help you identify new work opportunities. Networking can be useful for your job search in all industries or sectors you work in. It will open you up to further information and leads about organisations, roles and job opportunities you may not already be aware of.

There are a number of ways in which you can build and reach out to your network. For instance, former managers and colleagues could be useful as they know what you’re capable of professionally and they can be well-connected to refer and recommend you to others. You could also gather information from friends and family and their networks. Also consider professional societies and clubs you are a member of, could they help you by offering advice and guidance or put you in contact with their network? You never know how people are connected or who will turn out to be the most useful. 70% of jobs are secured through the hidden job market so the next person you speak to could play a key part in your securing a new job.

Identifying job opportunities through newspapers and publications

Keep a look out for job leads including job openings, company growth or business relocations in both local and national newspapers. Some local companies may prefer to use traditional methods and may advertise jobs in print rather than online to target a certain audience. Using local papers may reduce the number of applications and may increase your chance of an interview –national papers will often post a mix of both exclusive and general job positions. Look out for news of expansions or acquisitions amongst businesses in your industry - companies will be looking to recruit at some point so you may want to start thinking about contacting them about future recruitment needs. Reading trade publications will often introduce you to sector-specific recruitment agencies or potential job leads. They may also highlight events and exhibitions you could attend, giving you the opportunity to network with future employers.

Identifying companies of interest and adopting a speculative approach

Once you have identified companies to target, you may want to adopt a more proactive approach by speculatively approaching businesses. This is where you actively approach an employer to promote your skills and seek out opportunities that may not have not been advertised. Creating speculative letters to potential employers to target unadvertised vacancies can be a good way to find a role. You can initiate contact potential hiring managers with a simple phone call or by posting your CV directly to the organisation. You may wish to contact HR to understand their recruitment process and understand which recruitment agencies they use. Persistence is key when searching for unadvertised employment opportunities.
To look for more companies it’s also worth driving around business, science and industrial parks to broaden your understanding of which companies are located there. Think about companies that you walk or drive past on a daily basis. It’s important to stay diligent, patient, and prepared throughout the process. It’s hard to determine which companies prefer the speculative approach so keep an open mind whether approaching smaller businesses and start-ups or larger and more established businesses.

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