6 reasons to use a human career coach over relying on AI


human career coachAs technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to assist individuals in various aspects of their lives, including career development. While AI has undoubtedly made many tasks easier and more efficient, relying solely on technology for career coaching may not be the best approach for everyone.

Here are 6 reasons why using a human career coach is better than relying on AI.


AI can provide a lot of generalised information based on data and algorithms, but it can't fully understand the unique circumstances and needs of an individual. A human career coach can provide personalised advice based on an individual's background, experience, skills, and goals. They can also take into account an individual's personal preferences and limitations. For example, AI may recommend pursuing a certain career path based on job market trends, but a human career coach can help identify if that path aligns with an individual's personal values and interests.

Emotional Intelligence

Career coaching often involves more than just practical advice. It can also involve providing emotional support and guidance, particularly during times of stress or uncertainty. AI simply can't provide the same level of emotional intelligence as a real career coach. A career coach can provide reassurance and help individuals navigate difficult decisions or situations, whereas AI may not be able to detect or respond appropriately to emotional cues.

Human Connection

In addition to providing emotional support, a human career coach can also establish a human connection with their clients. This connection can help build trust and rapport, which is important for individuals who may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about their career path. AI may be able to provide information, but it can't provide the same level of connection and empathy as a human coach.


AI can provide quick answers and suggestions, but it may not be able to adapt to changing circumstances or individual needs. A human career coach can provide ongoing support and adjust their coaching approach as needed. For example, if an individual's career goals change or they encounter unexpected challenges, a career coach can help reassess and adjust their strategy accordingly.


One of the benefits of working with a human career coach is the accountability they provide. A coach can help individuals set realistic goals, establish a plan of action, and hold them accountable for taking steps towards achieving those goals. AI may provide suggestions, but it can't provide the same level of accountability and motivation as a human coach.

Industry Insights

A human career coach can provide valuable insights into the job market and industry trends. They can also provide insider knowledge about specific industries or job roles. This information can be invaluable for individuals looking to make informed decisions about their career path. AI may be able to provide some data and trends, but it may not have the same level of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry.

In conclusion, while AI can provide a lot of valuable information, it's important to recognise the limitations of technology in career coaching. A human career coach can provide personalised advice, emotional support, human connection, flexibility, accountability, and industry insights that simply can't be replicated by AI. Of course, the choice between a real career coach and relying on AI ultimately depends on an individual's needs and preferences. However, for those seeking a more comprehensive and personalised approach to career coaching, working with a human career coach is likely the better option.

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