How to negotiate a job offer


How to negotiate a job offer two wooden figures meeting in the middleCongratulations, you have been offered a new job, but do you need to start a negotiation or settle for what is being offered? If you haven’t negotiated a job offer before, you might feel nervous about raising your concerns, but don’t forget you have been offered a job, so the employer is confident that you are the right fit for the role. Here are some tips to help you with your job offer negotiation:

Ask for it in writing

Before you can accept, negotiate, or turn down a job offer, you need to understand the full offer and contract terms. So, thank them for the offer demonstrating enthusiasm, but before you can make a decision, ask for the full offer in writing. Understand the timescales of when you will receive this and when they require the response by. This will not only provide you with the finer details of the offer, but it gives you a little bit of time to plan and prepare for any negotiations.

Understand your offer

Salary can often only make up a small amount of the package and there may be other terms that are negotiable. You need to understand the whole package that is being offered before you decide if you want or feel the need to negotiate. Flexible working, private healthcare, pension schemes, etc. need to be factored in. Salary may not be a priority for you, and you could find yourself negotiating hybrid working over a higher base pay.

Manage your expectations

Be realistic - depending on market conditions, or if you have been long-time unemployed,

you may be offered a lower salary than your previous role. Ask your employer their rationale behind their offer so you can fully understand the offer on the table. Your potential employer may begin a job offer process expecting you to negotiate. If you have done your market research and have a good understanding of what your role is worth, the conversation will feel a lot easier. You may be happy with the offer and the only negotiation you have, is your start date.

Sell yourself

Remember to talk about the amount of experience you have and the value you can bring to the company. You will be in a better position to negotiate if you can demonstrate your achievements and how you can add value to their business. Alternatively, could your new employer consider reviewing salary or another aspect of your package once you have completed your probationary period and have demonstrated your value?

Remain positive

In advance of your conversation, plan what you want to say and practice it out loud. Have notes to hand to act as a prompt so you don’t lose your train of thought. If you are following up your job offer via video call, maintain eye contact, keep calm and smile throughout the conversation.

Make your discussion a friendly experience and maintain a positive attitude. You should make the employer feel that you are working together to reach a mutually agreeable package that would suit everyone’s needs.

Not every employer will be able to accommodate your requests, so if you are trying to negotiate several aspects of your package, choose what is the most important. Finally, throughout the process make sure you are clear on what you would accept and what you would walk away from. An employer also has the right to withdraw an offer at any point too so before you go into any negotiations, do your preparation to ensure you are being realistic.

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