Free IT Skills Training with All Renovo Outplacement Programmes


man pointing to tabletAs the UK’s fastest growing specialist provider of outplacement support, we understand the importance of good IT literacy to the modern job seeker. Not only do prospective employers want to see evidence of updated IT skills during the selection process, the recruitment market itself is now inaccessible without a reasonable level of IT literacy. Online application processes are now the market standard and without being able to handle technologies such as Word and Outlook effectively, jobseekers are simply unable to access many of the opportunities available to them.

To ensure all participants are ready to tackle this challenge, Renovo has launched IT Skills Courses into all of their outplacement programmes from September 2017, available to participants through our award winning career transition portal, Workfriend. The IT Skills Training will provide a broad range of Microsoft Office simulation-based courses aimed at improving skills on applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The courses are aimed at all levels from beginner through to the more experienced user.

“This development is a result of us listening to our participants and clients. Our clients are acutely aware of the demands of a modern job search and the IT literacy levels required to be successful”, comments Renovo’s Commercial Director Rhys Moon. “Although our clients are keen to support reskilling, they don’t have the time or budget to offer it to departing employees during a restructure. Through our careers technology, Renovo has been able to integrate the IT training modules seamlessly into all of our programmes, further increasing the effectiveness of our support for participants while still keeping costs low for our clients”, he adds.

About Renovo

Renovo is the fastest growing specialist outplacement provider in the UK. With an innovative approach, built around our three proven programmes, we bring a refreshing alternative to an industry which has remained largely unchallenged for many years.

From providing unlimited access to a Personal Career Coach, through to award winning career technology and 24 hour wellbeing support, our focus is to provide the very best one-to-one, personally tailored outplacement support for your employees while delivering exceptional value for the organisation.

That’s why hundreds of companies across 30 different sectors now choose Renovo to support their employees during transition and why more than 40,000 people have returned to work twice as fast as the national industry average.

For more information on Renovo visit or call 0800 612 2011

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