4 reasons to keep your job search active over the festive period


The festive season is upon us! And whilst you may be slowing down in your job searching efforts, it is, in fact a great time to connect with your network and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. There’s a general assumption that companies postpone recruitment over the Christmas period and whilst it can be tempting to delay your job search until the New Year, here are 4 reasons why it is worthwhile continuing your efforts and avoiding temptation to put your job search activity on ice!

Less competition

December is a busy month and it is very common for job seekers to put their job search on hold to enjoy festivities, spend time with family and friends and relax. This means there are less applicants and therefore less competition for live roles. Furthermore, less competition and a limited candidate pool may increase your chances of securing a job after your interview, due to less candidates being shortlisted.

Networking opportunities         

The festive season is a perfect time to network! Towards the end of the year, Hiring Managers may have more time and clarity to talk about upcoming recruitment plans. With less applicants they may make more time to review the cover letters and CVs they receive and set up remote meetings in advance of January. Morale is high over the festive period, and as it’s the season of giving, you may find that people are more willing to help. Reconnect with your network, take the time to research companies that you would like to work for and consider some speculative introductions with the view of arranging meetings for the New Year.

The festive season is rampant with networking opportunities! Take the time to attend Christmas parties, end of year events, carol services and even your child’s nativity to re-connect with your network, you never know who you may end up speaking to and what they could potentially help you with in the New Year. Don’t hold any expectations. This way you will not appear desperate and will be able to approach people with a relaxed attitude and enjoy the event with the intention to simply meet people.

Get ahead of the curve

Typically, there is often an influx of new job seekers in the New Year. This is a good reason to get ahead of the ‘New Year, New Career’ surge and take advantage of the unprecedented demand for candidates whilst there’s less competition. For those already in a job it can sometimes prove difficult to find the time to job search. The Christmas period is a great time to dedicate some time to the job search so you can re-evaluate, research companies/ jobs and bring your CV up to date.

Hiring Budgets

As the year draws to a close, companies may have money to spend in their hiring budget and will open up positions that would be highly beneficial to the company, but which they previously were unsure they'd be able to afford. Keep an eye out for these types of positions as the year draws to a close, in particular interim and contractual opportunities.

Whilst there is an assumption the market quietens down throughout December, it’s important to remember that companies are still hiring and business will continue.  Consider the benefits of continuing your job search throughout December, reconnect with your network and use the festive period to your advantage.

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