5 tips on writing a farewell message on LinkedIn


As we bid farewell to 2022……

Whether you are leaving a company or completing a contract, you may want to consider writing a LinkedIn Farewell Message. Writing and sharing a ‘Farewell Message’ on LinkedIn has many benefits. Firstly, it demonstrates your professionalism when exiting an organisation, but most importantly it allows you to proactively share with your networking you are open to opportunities and could even land you your next role.

Here are 5 tips on writing a farewell message on LinkedIn.

Make it positive

If your role was made redundant and it wasn’t your choice to leave, you may be experiencing a range of emotions and that is perfectly normal. However, the aim of this message is to leave a positive lasting impression of you leaving the company, therefore the opening paragraph to your message should be upbeat and positive. You may want to begin by referencing the number of years you worked with the organisation, including some company milestones you have witnessed during your tenure.

Highlight your successes

This is your opportunity to demonstrate the successes and achievements you gained within the business. You may want to reference 2 to 3 examples and the outcome of your success. Think about the role you are looking to secure and mirror your achievements as this will show any future employer where you could really add value.  Did you manage a project that resulted in cost savings? Did you implement a strategy that had a significant impact on the business?

Tag key stakeholders

When it comes to demonstrating gratitude, there is no better way than to acknowledge specific people. By tagging using ‘@’ and their name, they will immediately be drawn to your post and most likely will either ‘like’ or add some positive comments on it. Their connections will also see your post, so this will drive more traffic to your profile and increase your visibility.

State your career aspirations

The final paragraph will conclude your message; however, it also provides a platform for you to reiterate your area of expertise and what your career aspirations are. For example, if you are excited about working with organisations within the charity sector to support them with digital transformation, you are indirectly telling your audience you are seeking your next career move, and to consider you if they hear of anything that match your skill set.

Time it right

So, you have drafted your post - when do you share it? The choice is yours. Some job seekers like to send it after they have left, others like to share during their last few weeks. Ideally you want to time it right and only send it when your LinkedIn profile is complete, you are connected to the people you have tagged, and it includes plenty of content, skills and recommendations. When you start a new role, you can always do a separate post to announce to your network that you are moving on or combine a ‘farewell message’ with a ‘new beginning’ post.

If you are looking for further inspiration, here is an example LinkedIn Farewell Message:

Today officially marks (number of successful years) at (name of organisation). I would like to express my thanks for all the support the business has given me during this time. Being part of (name of company) success and seeing the company grow into a key market leader in (name of industry) is something I feel very proud to have been a part of.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to ……. (reference several achievements)

It’s been a pleasure working at (name of organisation) and with great people, in particular (tag in the name of some key stakeholders within the organisation).

I am excited about the next chapter in my career and exploring new opportunities in (Reference industry or areas of expertise).

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