Employer outplacement services: why emotional support?


hand mending wooden figureRedundancies will occur in the business world from time to time and most conscientious employers will understand that outplacement support services are important for helping their former employees move on with their lives. Employer outplacement and career support services can help to provide a practical stepping stone to give your former employees a better chance of making progress in the job market, but is there a value in the emotional support provided by outplacement too? Here at Renovo, we feel that the well-being support provided by our outplacement services is every bit as crucial as the practical assistance and advice we can offer your staff following a redundancy. Read on to find out why...

Financial and career security

Redundancies can be scary, upsetting and distressing for your employees, causing them to fear for their futures and personal well-being. Redundancies, however, are decisions that employers must occasionally make for the good of the company, so it’s no good torturing yourself about the future of your employees. Fortunately, outplacement services can provide the practical and emotional support your former employees need to move on with their lives. Our career coaches can help redundant employees to see that their careers needn’t end after losing their previous job and that they can move on to better things and remain financially and professionally secure.

Self-worth and professional value

Redundancies are rarely, if ever, personal, although that doesn’t mean that your employees won’t take it that way. Redundant employees can feel undervalued and overlooked, affecting the way in which they view themselves as professionals. Losing your job is always distressing and should the process cause too much emotional trauma, then moving on to a new position can prove difficult. Renovo’s outplacement support services can help to ensure that your redundant employees are made aware of their worth, preventing redundancy from taking too much of a toll on their confidence.

The confidence to take a positive step

The redundancy process can be enough to rock an employee to their foundations, robbing them of their confidence and preventing them from moving on with their lives. However, redundancy can actually be an opportunity for your previous employees to take a positive step forwards in their careers and the emotional support offered by outplacement services can help them realise this. Redundancy needn’t be a disaster and with the help of quality career support, your former employees will gain the pragmatism they need to turn it into a positive.

Here at Renovo we’re convinced that outplacement support is all the more effective when practical advice is combined with emotional guidance. If you want to do the right thing by your employees this year, contact us to find out more about how we can help to ease the process of redundancy in future.

Renovo is one of the UK’s leading providers of outplacement and career transition support. We work with both organisations and individuals to support all their career transition requirements. If you would like to understand how Renovo can help you please call 0800 612 2011 or email info@renovo.co.uk

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