Building a more resilient workforce

In a work environment, people with higher levels of resilience tend to better handle pressure and uncertainty, whether that be created through fluctuating workloads, evolving organisational priorities, process and system changes or even workforce restructure. Beyond their ability to cope with adversity, resilient people tend to demonstrate greater levels of flexibility and curiosity, increased energy and more consistently perform at their highest level.

While it is largely accepted that some individuals will possess more inherent resiliency than others, most research now shows that a person’s level of resilience is determined by their ability to consciously adopt behaviours and practices that support them to ‘build’ their resilience.

Why you should invest in your people’s resilience:

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Our Developing Resilience Workshop offers high impact, practical resilience support for your employees, while minimising business disruption and keeping a tight control on cost. This engaging programme will give employees increased awareness of what is meant by resilience, help them understand and manage their emotional responses to adversity and change better and arm them with practical tools and tips to building their personal resilience.

What’s involved?

Delivered virtually or on site
Interactivity via polls and reflective exercises
Workbook and Personal Action Plan
90-minute, high impact group session

How will it help employees?

Understand the benefits of building resilience and the characteristics of resilient people
Appreciate the emotional impact of change and better manage their own response to it
Assess what is in and out of their control when faced with challenge and adversity
Adopt tools and techniques to help them build resilience and improve emotional wellbeing

What our clients say

What our participants say

“This has been the first time we have invested in
external support to develop resilience within the
workforce. We selected Renovo based on their
approach which was more practically orientated
than other providers. The sessions were
invaluable and made individuals think about
their own situation in a new light helping them
plan for positive future in a new organisational
HR Manager,
Penguin Random House
“Really useful and engaging. A helpful
reminder of strategies that are useful
but not always put into practice”

“It was a good opportunity to think about
things more objectively”

“A clear and insightful session without
being condescending”


of attendees rated our Resilience Coaching as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’

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