Is your CV optimised for mobile devices?


cartoon hands holding smartphonesThese days there are numerous ways to search and apply for jobs besides writing a formal letter, scouring the job pages in the paper or even searching online. As technology has evolved, so has our means of finding new employment – whereas we once spent time googling jobs and identifying advertisements whilst sitting at our desks, now we need only unlock our mobile devices and search and apply for current opportunities on the go. Research shows that 63% of candidates are regularly using a mobile device in their job search due to a desire of speed and convenience. An increasing number of free or low-cost applications have been developed to allow jobseekers to access their favoured job search engines, enabling them to save time and simplify the entire process.

As a result, employers are adapting to changing job searching patterns and meeting the demands of reliable mobile application processes offering candidates a pathway to the mobile job market at any time. However, just as employers have had to alter their job descriptions to make them accessible on mobile devices, it is a good idea to make sure your CV is accessible on smartphones and tablets too. You might find it easy to apply for jobs using your phone, but your future employers might find it just as convenient to view possible applicants and their CVs on their mobile devices too. If you want to ensure your CV isn’t overlooked you need to ensure you review the format and organise the content accordingly.


You probably want your CV to stand out, but using unusual fonts and images are likely to only cause it to become difficult to read on a smartphone or tablet. Ensure your CV can be opened and viewed by sticking to standard font types such as Calibri and Arial, differentiating content by changing the size of the font, rather than the font type. Avoid drawing lines or including images or colours and remove any page breaks, section breaks or tables. If this makes your CV appear a little dull, you might want to create several versions for various applications. Make sure that you have your latest CV stored on your mobile device.  You can store your CV on a cloud (like Google Docs or Dropbox) or have an online CV such as on LinkedIn or a PDF in WordPress.

Reorganise content

It is estimated that the average employer will spend only 10-15 seconds looking at a CV during the initial review, so you need to consider what information that employer will see first when viewing your CV on a smartphone or tablet where the screen is smaller. It is likely that only a small section of the top of your CV will be visible at first glance, so you need to use that space to highlight key skills using key words from the industry you are interested in and the professional attributes you could bring to the job role. Ensure your work experience is listed above your education as, unless you are a recent graduate, it will be much more relevant.

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