The Changing Face of Print: Career Support for Print Professionals


printing pressSince William Caxton set up the first British printing press in Westminster in 1476, the UK print sector has grown beyond all expectation. Worth around £13.5 billion in annual turnover, employing around 122,000 print professionals in around 8,600 companies, the printing sector is a vital part of the UK economy and our daily lives.

While print is a major part of modern society, the industry is going through huge changes as it adjusts to a seismic shift in consumer behaviour towards digital platforms and battles with advances in technology.

While the 20th century saw typesetters and film planners replaced by machines, where once there was an abundance of roles, automation has now become more widespread with a number of further print disciplines under threat.

Innovative partnership

Through an innovative partnership between The Printing Charity, the Principal Trade Association, the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) and leading outplacement providers, Renovo, print professionals within the sector are able to access award-winning careers support free of charge.

The support is aimed at individuals who face uncertainty and change due to risk of redundancy. The partnership builds on the assistance already provided by the BPIF and The Printing Charity, who offer a range of support services and grant provision.

Supporting print professionals

Renovo Director, Chris Parker explains: “We are delighted to be working in close partnership with The Printing Charity and the BPIF to support individuals within the print and closely aligned sectors. Over recent times the print sector has faced significant pressures triggered by a shift in consumer behaviour and improvements in technology that, in some cases, have resulted in job cuts.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of career transition and job search support, we are able to provide highly practical, actionable advice to individuals within the print sector to help them move on quickly following redundancy without any cost to the individual or company.”

If you are an employer within the sector concerned about how changes in the Print Industry could affect your workforce, or a particular individual who may be at risk of redundancy, please contact a member of the Renovo team on 0800 612 2011 or email

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