Avoid common CV mistakes


signs with correct and wrongYour CV is the gateway to job interviews and new employment, so it's important to make sure it is well crafted and tailored for each role you apply for.  However, with reports stating that many are overlooked due to common CV errors, make sure that you aren't falling foul and facing CV rejection at the first hurdle.

Here is our list of do’s and don’ts to help avoid common CV mistakes:

DO tailor your CV to the requirements of the role. Make sure you include relevant experience, responsibilities and achievements.

DON’T leave gaps in your employment history. To explain any gaps, include a brief reason for the break in career i.e. raising a family, travelling, etc.

DO add a personal profile. Your profile sells you as a candidate and gives the employer a reason to want to read on.

DON’T waffle. If a word is not important, remove it. Remember, your CV is the first evidence to an employer of your communications skills.

DO keep it simple, avoid using complex formatting, photos, stylised fonts and colours unless you are looking for opportunities in a creative role.

DON’T use jargon and abbreviations, keep your language simple and clear.

DO keep it concise. Your CV should ideally be 2 pages, 3 pages maximum.

DON’T include too much personal information other than that required by the employer.

DO keep it positive. Avoid stating reasons for leaving, etc. Your CV should be a positive document.

DON’T include your salary. Leave this for discussion at interview after you have had a chance to sell yourself. It could either over or under sell you if they haven’t disclosed the salary range.

DO check the email address you're sending your CV from. Recent reports state that 76% of CVs get ignored due to an unprofessional email address, so make sure yours is suitable and professional.

If you follow the advice above and spend a little effort tailoring your CV for each job you will avoid CV mistakes and will stand a very good chance of getting an interview.

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