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woman shouting megaphoneYour LinkedIn network is one of the most valuable job searching tools to utilise when it comes to securing that next career move. However, people are often unsure what to do with the platform once they have secured employment. Here are 4 steps to help you strategically inform your network and share your exciting new role news at the right time…

Share a post using the ‘Celebrate an Occasion’ feature

It can be difficult to know when to update LinkedIn with a new job - you don’t want to come across as too keen, yet you want to let people know that you are excited about your new role. Once you have officially left your previous role and signed your new contract, you may want to consider sharing a ‘New Job’ post on LinkedIn a week or so before your official start date. In addition to announcing the new role, if you haven’t already, share a brief farewell message from your previous job; this will give you the opportunity to highlight your time within the business, your key achievements and thank your previous colleagues.

New Job Announcement Template

I’m very excited to announce that I have recently accepted a new role as [Position Title] with [Company Name]. I’m very grateful that [Company Name] is giving me this great opportunity. I’ll be working/leading on [Key Responsibilities/Projects/Objectives] and can’t wait to see what comes in this chapter of my career!

Update your LinkedIn profile after securing a new role

The first few weeks in a new job are all about settling into the new role; your focus should be around getting a better understanding of the role, processes and expectations, as well as getting to know your new colleagues. After a month in, you are more likely to have a better understanding of the role. This is a good time to add the job to your LinkedIn profile. You can update this by clicking into the + sign and adding in the new company you work for. Add your Job Title and start date, including a brief overview and some bullet points highlighting your main responsibilities and duties.

Connect with your new colleagues

One of the hardest parts of starting a new role can be integrating into an established team. The first months of a new job are a crucial time to bond with colleagues. You may want to use LinkedIn to start connecting and introducing yourself to your new colleagues. Make time for quick get-to-know-you chats with new co-workers so you can understand their individual backgrounds and how their role contributes to the business.

It’s a good idea to continually develop your LinkedIn profile despite securing employment. LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool that will help you to build and grow your network whilst demonstrating your credibility and expertise.

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