7 ways you can prepare for remote interviews


woman in blue shirt talking on video callWe are now entering spring, the season of new beginnings. This has also been reflected in the job market too with more job seekers securing interviews, new contracts and job offers!

Companies are continuing to use remote platforms to conduct remote interviews or pre-recorded videos in the early stages of an interview process to save time and money. More job seekers are being invited to pre-screening video conversations with recruiters and hiring managers, often with minimal notice.

Here are 7 things you can do today to help you to prepare for your next remote interview.

  1. Familiarise yourself with remote platforms being used in today’s job market. Popular platforms include Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t already, download the apps or go to the desktop versions. Installing the app allows you to join meetings set up by other people. Personalise your account by adding a profile picture and username. Keep it professional as first impressions count.
  1. Do a test run. Check that your equipment is working correctly. Within the ‘Video’ and ‘Audio’ tabs you can check whether the right equipment is connected. You can test your microphone and speaker and change your video settings according to your preferences. “You are on mute” was one of the most commonly used phrases of 2020 when using remote platforms!
  1. Check your bandwidth. When you're sharing your connection with other people, you can't all have the full-speed internet. If possible, try to reduce the number of people online in your household at the time of your interview for maximum connectivity. Look at other ways to maximise your PC’s performance. Deleting the cache, reducing the number of applications you have open increases the performance of your computer or device.
  1. Adjust your settings. You are in control of the settings, choose a quiet location and remember most platforms allow you to change backgrounds for a more professional setting. Factor in the lighting, as well as the background. You need to ensure the room is light and you are visible.
  1. Record a mock interview. Get a feel for being on camera, record a practice run so that you can analyse how you are coming across on camera. Dress for the interview, how professional do you appear on camera? Ensure your head and shoulders are visible and you make eye contact via the camera. Be mindful of how you express yourself too. Gesticulating can often be distracting. Think about your tone, pitch and pace. If you talk to quickly you may be out of sync with the video.
  1. Take note. Have notes to hand so if you need a prompt you can glance and remind yourself of the points you want to make and what you want to say. Pre-empt the interview questions you may be asked and plan your answers in advance. Practise them out loud. The more you consider your responses in advance the more concise they will sound. If you need to buy some time when responding to a question, or if you suffer from a dry mouth, have a glass of water to hand too.
  1. Prepare for small talk. Whilst you may not experience interactions with the receptionist as you would during a face-to-face interview, you may find you need to make small talk when waiting for others to join the meeting. So, whether that be company related, or highlighting commonality between you and the interviewer, think about small talk today so you aren’t lost for words during your interview.

A study conducted at the University of York suggests that a single glance of a person’s face for just 33 to 100 milliseconds is enough for them to form a first impression. So, most importantly, don’t forget to smile, you are on camera!

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