5 Traits of Successful Jobseekers


White duck separate yellow ducksEvery jobseeker has varied qualifications, experience and goals. Looking at job seeking as a positive opportunity will help you take control of your job search and increase positive results.  Here are 5 traits that are commonly recognised in the most successful jobseekers.

1. Clarity and focus

Jobseekers with clear goals and defined career plans are much more likely to succeed than those with no plans at all. All too often those who have been made redundant immediately look to find a similar job elsewhere, so why not take a step back and consider whether the job you were in before is really what you want? Whether you are unclear which direction to take, or you are looking for a career change, it’s advisable to spend time on a self-analysis. Give yourself time to understand where to go from here.

2. A positive outlook

It is important to stay positive throughout every aspect of job seeking – when making applications, attending interviews, and setting your goals. First impressions count and employers will look upon a positive and enthusiastic candidate much more favourably than a candidate who appears frustrated and demotivated.

3. Adaptability

Being frustrated with the process is understandable however you want to ensure that doesn’t come across to recruiters and employers

Successful jobseekers are:

  • Willing to adapt
  • Take advice and feedback and act upon it
  • Try new approaches and embrace new technologies
4. Motivation

Jobseekers need to actively seek out opportunities by using a variety of methods including consulting online job boards, contacting friends and colleagues and calling upon their professional network, as well as making direct approaches to target organisations. Taking a committed, productive and proactive approach to the job search process will maximise your chances of securing more interviews and having the opportunity to really sell yourself to potential employers.

5. Preparation

Being able to promote yourself effectively is a skill in its own right. It requires confidence and self-assurance. If you have fully prepared in advance, you will automatically feel more confident and in control and you will have more chance of standing out at interview and going forward to the next round or to secure the role.

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