5 steps to working effectively with Recruiters


jigsaw piece business suitRecruiters can be a valuable asset in your search for a new opportunity.  Here are 5 key steps to follow to help you understand how to work effectively with them

Create a recruiter friendly CV

Recruiters do not advertise every role. Rather, they search for candidates that match the opportunities they have using Boolean searches.  Therefore, key word optimisation will ensure you are returning highly on a recruiters list and in turn, they will contact you for roles that you will be interested in.

Make your CV and achievements easy to read; a recruiter has seconds to decide to call you. If they see you have recent relevant experience and your CV is in an accessible format that they do not have to change, they will put you forward for a role.  If a recruiter asks for your CV, send it as a Word document, they will add their details and send to the client or upload direct into the applicant tracking system for their client.  Recruiters work on limited time, so the quicker and easier it is for them to send your CV, the more likely that they will.

Be specific

Be honest with a recruiter, especially about your reasons for leaving, notice period, location in terms of travel, salary, or anything that is important to you in securing your next role. The recruiter may be reluctant to work with you if you surprise the client with information or do not attend an interview.  If you are honest they can ensure they are contacting you with vacancies that will work for the both of you.

Listen to feedback and improve

Recruiters have good relationships with their clients, so if they give you feedback or hints and tips, listen to them. The recruiter wants to put you in the strongest position as this is how they make their money; by placing you in a role and you staying there.

Recruiters work with clients and candidates and will have a variety of knowledge on the salaries in the area for skillsets in the current market so be realistic. If a recruiter is asking you to be flexible, think of other tradables that may add value to your role other than salary and weigh up the options. If you are changing career you may need to prove you can deliver before receiving a salary increase.

Stay in contact

If your CV is on a recruiter’s jobsite, ensure you are accessing and updating it even if you just remove and upload weekly. When a recruiter searches they will contact the most recently active first as they are sure you are looking for a new opportunity.

If a recruiter has put you forward for an opportunity, especially if they have arranged an interview, call them with feedback as soon as you are out; they may have an offer for you already or want to know your thoughts so they can update the employer with your feedback.

Recruiters have limited time to put candidates forward for opportunities so if you miss a call, try to call the recruiter straight back; they will continue to work down a call list until they have sent enough skilled candidates over to the client.

If you have not heard from a recruiter, call them to see if there are any opportunities. Be mindful, a recruiter is a salesperson so will be making calls to secure new business. Only do this every 2 weeks and if anything has changed, let the recruiter know e.g., if you are willing to take a lower salary, increase your commute or would consider interim contracts.

Relevant work experience/career change

Confidently sell your skills to the recruiter so they will put you forward for roles. Be willing to be flexible to prove yourself, for example taking temporary or temporary to permanent opportunities.  Also, understand the limits of a recruiter; they have been given a list of requirements by their clients and if you don’t fit them they are unlikely to put you forward, so be prepared to apply directly for opportunities and try not to take it personally.

If you build a good rapport with a recruiter and they like you, they are more likely to put you forward and highlight you as a good hire to the clients they work with if they see you could fit in.  Therefore, always remember the role a recruiter could play for you and remain professional.

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