5 step guide to proactive job seeking during COVID-19


Orange dart on dartboardIf you are currently seeking your next career move it is essential to apply alternative techniques other than online job searching and working with recruiters. Speculative approaches as well as networking are the most underutilised ways of job searching.

Here are 5 simple steps for an effective proactive job search:


Writing a blanket email or making an unfocussed LinkedIn connection request will not get you anywhere when speculative approaching contacts and companies. Why? Because it shows you haven’t spent the time considering why you are reaching out and targeting them.

Research companies of interest via social media platforms and start to follow them. This way you will understand more about their products, services, culture and values. Ask friends, family and other contacts which companies they know about or who they work for. Ask yourself why do you want to invest your career in this organisation as opposed to their competitors?

Once you have identified a list of companies that you want to approach, you will need to find out who is the most appropriate point of contact for you to address your email to.


This next step is key to getting it right. Try to identify the person in the department that you want to work for. So, for example, if you were a Marketing Manager, it’s more effective to approach the Marketing Director rather than HR. You need to target the person who has the decision-making power and can see how your skills and expertise will fit in with their team.

The best way to do this is to type in the name of the company + job title into LinkedIn and anyone watching will appear in your results.


Now you know who you want to target you have a few options. LinkedIn connection request? Email? Phone? The choice is yours! If you can obtain an email address from their LinkedIn contact info you can personalise your email and attach a copy of your CV. If you send a LinkedIn request, you have limited characters. If you are able to obtain a phone number, you may find you have a greater chance of speaking with them directly whilst remote working is taking place.


This is the most important bit to get right! Who are you, what can you offer and what is in it for them? With most unadvertised opportunities, a company need to understand the value you can bring. It may be that you can help them to reduce costs. Support their business through change or offer ways to engage and retain staff. Create your elevator pitch and keep it to the point.

Follow up

Ideally you need to have a plan in place for next steps. End your email or connection request with an action.  Can you arrange a Zoom coffee chat? Follow up in a few weeks or understand when the most appropriate time would be to contact them. Add it to your calendar and keep to your word. Even if there isn’t a need right now, your aim is to ensure they consider your expertise in the future.

Targeting decision makers on LinkedIn or via email will not only get you noticed but will demonstrate your initiative and enthusiasm.

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