3 steps to help explain an employment gap


mind the gap

Due to the current pandemic, a high number of jobs have been made redundant. Redundancy comes with a rollercoaster of emotions which include feeling let down by your employer, low in confidence, overwhelmed and concerned about your next career move in a competitive job market.

As a Career Coach, a common concern for my clients is how to discuss any gaps in employment, however, in the current economic climate this is an easier story to tell. Here are 3 steps to help you talk to your network, a hiring manager or a recruiter about the gap and make it work in your favour to support positive career transition.


Position your employment timeline and account for any gaps on your CV. Recruiters and hiring managers like to be able to follow your career history on your CV and via any online platforms. Whether you were furloughed, made redundant or had a career break, consider how you used your time to demonstrate specific skills. For example, if you completed a large house renovation during your break, you could detail project management, planning and organisation, budget management. If you took the opportunity to upskill by completing specific training or online courses reference this too.


Preparing to talk about the gap and why you are available for work is important. If you find this emotional or have negative feelings around your departure, it is important to get comfortable discussing this ahead of any interview situation. Think about the positives any change has brought about, reflect on how your last employer supported or invested in you during your employment, taking time to showcase specific skills relevant to the opportunity. Give a sense of consideration to your current search pointing out any synergy you have with the organisations vision and values.


Practice really does make perfect! Until you hear yourself say the words, there is no way in knowing how it will feel until you deliver this message. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable in talking about this out loud. You could use the record function on your phone to self-critique or deliver to a friend or family member. The more times you practice the more fluid your response will be, and you will be able to confidently explain the gap!

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