Achieve an All-Star LinkedIn profile in 5 steps


All-Star LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is a powerful job search tool that allows you to showcase your profile and expertise. Recruiters and employers use LinkedIn as part of their recruitment process.  However, many job seekers don’t fully understand the importance of a having an All-Star LinkedIn profile and as a result miss out on job opportunities as they don’t appear in many recruiter and employer search results.

I am going to share with you my tips on how to achieve a LinkedIn All-Star profile, boosting your online presence and driving traffic towards your profile so you are found when employers and recruiters begin their next phase of headhunting.

What is an All-Star LinkedIn profile?

An All-Star profile is your profile strength. When you reach an All-Star rating, that means your profile is optimised for success. According to LinkedIn, profiles with an All-Star rating are 27 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches. Creating an All-Star LinkedIn profile will encourage other professionals to connect with you which will help you to grow your network with other industry professionals.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take today:

  • At the top of your profile, is the first piece of information that people will see of you – your name, professional headline and photo. Recruiters will base their decision whether they want to look at your profile on this section. You need to include in here what you want people to see you as, e.g. Project and Programme Manager
  • About Section – this is one of the most underutilised areas on LinkedIn. It is your opportunity to include a summary of your experience, key specialities and what you are looking for next.You need to ensure you include the key skills that are listed in job descriptions of interest to ensure you appear in more search results
  • Experience - Unlike the CV where you are restricted to number of pages, more is more on LinkedIn. The more content you have in your experience section the more visible you will be on LinkedIn – think about the content you want to use from your CV and transfer it across.
  • Skills – This is another way to increase your profile visibility. Look at jobs you are interested in and skills required and ensure you have at least 15-20 skills listed here.
  • Finally, Recommendations – these act like an online referee. The more recommendations you have on your profile, the more credible you will appear.

By building your All-Star LinkedIn Profile now, when recruiters and employers are looking for their next hire, you will have a great chance of appearing in their search results.

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